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6 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Kid’s Focus
We’ve all been there.

Talking to your kid and out of nowhere, they drift off. It’s like you’re not even talking anymore. As a parent, it’s so frustrating. We worry that they won’t learn well enough in school, or that they will miss an important det...

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Martial arts Belt teat

Jun 28, 2019 – Jun 29, 2019

James Martial Arts Academy will have our belt test for the kids martial arts class ages 6-13. Please sign up with Mom Washington.

How do martial arts build confidence?

There are many reasons why people get interested in training Martial Arts. By far one of the most common we hear is “confidence.”

What is confidence?

Just put it’s a belief that you can, rather than an idea that you can’t. But there needs to be more t...

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We celebrate our Kosho-Ryu Family when they receive their belt. Good job Big A. I’m looking forward watching you grow in the art.

Karate a History

Although the basic forms of self-defense are probably as old as the human race, the art of karate as it is practiced today can be traced directly to the Okinawan strategy called, in Japanese, Okinawate-te (Okinawa Hands). This system of defense, in turn, is a descendant of the a...

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Let’s talk about some of the top benefits for practicing Martial Arts. We are not a “traditional” Martial Arts school in that we train our students in Age-Specific Martial Arts. This allows us to use systems that integrate science and psychology...

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Martial Arts

  • Adult Martial Arts

    FINDING THE TIME AND ENERGY TO EXERCISE CAN BE DIFFICULT LUCKILY THERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION…Even when you do find time to hit the gym, regardless of having a schedule that’s full of work, family time, and other responsibilities, you might be bored by your same old workout. There’s nothing exciting about another go-round on the treadmill or elliptical – and you might need some encouragement to stick to a schedule and achieve your fitness goals. Martial arts classes for adults focus on building core strength and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, social setting. Why not break out of your dull routine?
  • Juniors Martial Arts Ages 4-5

    PARENTING YOUNG CHILDREN IS A REAL CHALLENGE.You must balance their natural inquisitiveness and high energy with trying to teach them the basic skills they need for school and life.Discipline, sharing, and self-control are all things they need to learn to be successful.The ideal setting is one that’s got some structure but works with kids at their current developmental level. If they have fun while they’re learning, they’ll be more likely to retain those lessons and learn the skills they need.
  • Kids Martial Arts

    THE DIFFICULTIES OF RAISING CHILDREN ARE NEAR ENDLESS LUCKILY THERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION…There really is a safe, natural and extremely effective way to take charge and positively impact every aspect of your child’s life. It doesn’t take medicine, therapy, harsh actions, or cajoling your kids to change their behavior. Instead, it is teaching your kids self-discipline, hard work, confidence, and respect. This done in a way that empowers them while also teaching them humility, and promoting health and fitness… all at the same time.Sounds like a wonder cure doesn’t it?But there really is something that does all that. And that’s the power of martial arts classes.
  • Teens Martial Arts

    RAISING A TEENAGER REQUIRES PERSISTENCE & PATIENCE LUCKILY THERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION…It can test your sanity even at the best of times. Yet, you want the best for your teenager. You want them to have the tools they need to succeed now and later in life – and you’d like that to happen without having to pull out all your hair in the process. Getting them to do anything you want them to do can feel utterly impossible, and you’re not sure where to start.Studying martial arts helps kids learn how to overcome their problems and learn important lessons – the kind of lessons that will follow them to your home, to the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.
  • Women's Self-defense Class

    THE DANGERS OF THE WORLD ARE ENDLESS LUCKILY THERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION…Learning to defend yourself is about more than simply wielding a weapon. The truth is that amateurs who have weapons end up getting hurt with them more often than predators do – and that’s a real problem. There’s no point in arming yourself if you’re not also in the right condition to be able to act if you or someone you love is threatened. Women's Self Defense Classes is popular because it takes self-defense and turns it into an art form.
  • Kung Fu

    When was the last time you were in a situation that made you feel inadequate? Maybe someone made an offensive comment about your appearance. Perhaps you tried to accomplish a feat of strength (lifting heavy weights, running a tough mudder, etc.), but you fell short of victory. Or maybe, someone physically threatened you, and you were left paralyzed with fear for not knowing how to react.What did that feel like? Probably not too great.For years, martial arts have proven to be a way of building strength, learning self-defense, and reversing those self-confidence issues.


4 months ago
Hands down the best trainer I've ever had. Sifu Darryl is exceptional at what he does. He is motivating and pushes you to your limits and then some. I was fortunate enough that one of my friends had found him and invited me to a class. Even though there were 3 other people in there he is attentive to you and making sure you are doing the workouts correctly with good form. I was fully out of shape and within a couple of months, I noticed things improving such as my form and strength. I have always had a hard time motivating myself to get to the gym but with Sifu Darryl, I am excited about the class every time.
- Alyssandra J
2 years ago
I do not know exactly what made me think to try karate. I was tired of the gym and the hamster-wheel feeling I had each time I went. What was next in my progression? Adding another riser to my action? I checked out the James Martial Arts Academy and was impressed. The specific personal session gave me an idea of exactly what I 'd remain in for, and I was surprised that I registered that very same day. I ** never ever ** register for anything on the spot. But I felt comfortable and fired up to not just get more fit but to find out something beneficial along the way. The progression of testing to earn a new belt was appealing too-- you can actually see that you are finding out and advancing. And you learn things immediately helpful, in addition to building skills that take practice to master. In a nutshell - centrally located, easy to get into, great parking (exactly what !? yes, truly!), great instructor, respectful and supportive classmates, becoming more in shape while learning ...
- Kathleen P
a year ago
Sifu Darryl is one outstanding instructor! He knows his stuff. I would highly recommend the James Martial Arts Academy to anyone wanting to learn a true martial arts and self-defense system.
- Danny C

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I’m Sigung Darryl James Chief Instructor, and I with my wife Cheryl, a practicing Psychotherapist at Inspire Professional Counseling and faculty member at San Diego State University and the proud owners of the James Martial Arts Academy.

As a martial arts instructor in El Cajon, CA with extensive experience training kids, adults and, women's self-defense there is nothing better than seeing the growth firsthand.

But more important than the martial arts skills they learn is the personal skills they develop, the confidence they carry for life.

Because martial arts is far much more than just kicking, self-defense, and punching, and getting the next colorful belt, it’s about developing confidence, discipline, character, focus, and respect.

With every class we teach, I see growth in mind, body, and character.

That’s because martial arts provides instant positive feedback. By learning to focus on the core moves, they develop discipline and respect. They can instantly see and feel a difference, making them destined to build confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect.

And of course, it’s a ton of FUN!

That’s why I love teaching martial arts in the El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Chula Vista, and San Diego communities, and why I know, you are going to LOVE training with us.

So please have a look below to find out exactly how your you or your child can benefit from our fun martial arts classes.

Thanks! Darryl

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