Posted on Apr 24, 2019

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How do martial arts build confidence?

There are many reasons why people get interested in training Martial Arts. By far one of the most common we hear is “confidence.”

What is confidence?

Just put it’s a belief that you can, rather than an idea that you can’t. But there needs to be more to it than that. A few years ago I read about a report on the performance of school children in various OECD countries. The American children, according to this report, we're going backward in comparison to the other countries on every measure (literacy, numeracy, etc.) except one.

Self-belief. In other words, American kids were getting worse at everything except their belief that they were getting better. I believe to be beneficial confidence needs to based in reality. From having experiences that demonstrate the “I can” rather than merely reciting positive affirmations to yourself or having people around you tell you-you're great. True confidence is earned.

And that’s where martial arts come in. Particularly the so-called “live” martial arts. These are the styles that involve some full resistance sparring, be it grappling, or striking, or mixing both. This live environment allows the student to take all the guesswork out and to develop a sense of “I can” based on evidence they feel every night on the mat.

The confidence in this kind of training comes in three forms...
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